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CNN (Clinton News Network) Claims They’re Not Biased. Video Proves Otherwise.

It’s no secret the mainstream media is just one giant loudspeaker for the Left, but getting them to admit it is another story.

In the video (below), CNN anchor Don Lemon, himself an outspoken liberal, is asked whether he believes there is a liberal bias in the media, to which he scoffs, “Nooo, why, no.” Then begins the clips of CNN segments completely throwing up over how much they love, are inspired, and in awe of ol’ Crooked Hillary, who in their eyes has never had bad performance in front of a camera and has never ever committed any of the countless crimes she’s 100 percent responsible for.

Graciously, the uploader only included a little over a minute of clips, because with the amount of biased footage there is from CNN alone, this video could’ve been a Lord of the Rings-sized epic.

In the video, CNN guests and commentators spew some Leftist rhetoric classics such as:

“[Trump’s] speaking to part of the American public that for the last seven years… talk about taking the White House back…. They want the White House, capital W H I T E again.”

“Hillary Clinton is an incredibly impressive public figure in my opinion.”

“Basically tonight Hillary Clinton was Beyonce. She was flawless.”

“[The email scandal is] not even a scandal. Scandal is the Republican’s word for it. So far no one has determined there is any scandal there.”

The clip ends with anchor Chris Cuomo, brother of Democratic Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, telling the American people to cease looking into Hillary’s scandals on their own.

“It’s illegal to posses these stolen documents,” he says. “It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this you’re learning from us.”

WikiLeaks responded with:

Cuomo then doubled-down on his statement via Twitter:

Exit chant from Trump supporters who sum it up well:

Yes, they do truly suck.

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