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CNN Analyst Gets Called Out By CNN For Spreading Epic Fake News

By  Ryan Saavedra

CNN political analyst April Ryan was called out by her colleagues at the network on Tuesday for spreading false information about President Donald Trump being booed at a White House event celebrating America.

Ryan tweeted: “Breaking: Reporters on the South Lawn have confirmed the @realDonaldTrump was heckled and booed when he came out to celebrate America.”

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Within just a couple of minutes, the truth came out; one person in the crowd heckled the president as he spoke and the crowd booed the heckler, not the president.

CNN’s Noah Gray tweeted at Ryan, writing: “This is not true. There was a protester who shouted at Trump and was booed.”

Gray even posted a video of the incident, describing it in a separate tweet: “After the anthem, this man shouted ‘stop hiding behind the armed services & the national anthem.’ He was booed then called a Cowboys fan.”


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