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Clinton Says ‘White Terrorism’ As Dangerous As ISIS

By  Robert

Attending the “Brown And Black Presidential Forum” hosted by Univision – complete with a bass-heavy hip hop instrumental theme song – Hillary Clinton accepted the premise of the existence of a phenomenon known as “white terrorism” when asked to contrast it with Islamic terrorism.

Rempert Browne – wearing red athletic shoes on stage in his capacity as co-moderator of the event – asked Clinton a question seemingly designed to obfuscate the ideological foundations of contemporary terrorism. He also stated that issues related to race are a taboo subject in today’s popular culture and political discourse.

“The danger of ISIS is clearly a major threat to American safety, but personally, I know many minorities who are much more concerned with racist attacks at the local level than radical Islamists. So, question to put it plainly, since often issues of race are tiptoed – do you believe that white terrorism and extremism is as much a threat to some in this country as something like ISIS?” asked Browne.

“We have all kinds of threats in our country and I wouldn’t discount any of them,” replied Clinton, not challenging the premise that “white terrorism” is an actual phenomenon.

Shifting to “gun control,” Clinton repeated the talking point of 33,000 Americans dying per year as result of “gun violence.”

“Yes, I believe there are all kinds of underground movements and efforts in our country that try to use violence or assert beliefs that I find often lead to violence. So let’s take some of the “white extremism” that we see,” prefaced Clinton, before framing the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City as part of a phenomenon of “white terrorism.”

“White terrorism” was not defined.

Clinton then implied that non-white racial and ethnic minorities – presumably blacks and Hispanics – were affected by terrorism from white police officers.

“I think that when you have police violence that terrorized communities, that doesn’t show the respect that you’re supposed to have from respecting people in your authority, that can feel, also, terrorizing,” said Clinton, again sanctioning the neo-Marxist and anti-American racial narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Destroying any coherent definition of the term “terrorism,” Clinton then categorized criminal gang violence as another of its manifestations.

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