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Classy Trumps Make Their Guests At Trump Tower Do Something Weird

The classiest man ever to grace the earth, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, apparently makes all his guests place “surgical booties” over their shoes to avoid marring his immaculate marble floors. But don’t worry, we are certain they are the classiest, most aesthetically pleasing, gold-laced booties you’ve ever see—and likely made in China.

While delving into the mysterious life of the highly-evasive Melania Trump, The New Yorker revealed that Trump “[h]ouse rules require that guests don surgical booties, so as not to scuff the marble floors.”

The excessive “house rule” is likely to be a mandate issued from Trump’s Slovenian supermodel wife. Melania, who demonstrably struggles with her English, has been noticeably absent from the campaign trail for most of the primary thus far. Mrs. Trump’s excuse for her nonattendance is rather simple: she would rather stay at home with her son Barron, 10, boasting that she doesn’t even have a nanny. Really, just a woman of the people.

Along with caring for Barron, the Mrs. apparently keeps the house in order—or at least guards her marble floors with obscure, stringent rules.

According to The Daily Mail, the glorious Manhattan penthouse on Fifth Avenue “boasts breathtaking views of Central Park and over-the-top decor – starting with the gold and diamond front door that greets visitors.”

The scene inside the penthouse is, of course, overflowing in Trump-like decadence, too: “floor to ceiling marble, ceilings painted with scenes from the classical Greek myths – and some surprisingly homely touches.”

The apartment, taking up the top three floors of Trump Tower, is reportedly worth $100 million; designed by Angelo Donghia “in Louis XIV style.”

Nothing reeks of class quite like surgical booties…

H/t Heather Wilhelm