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Chelsea: America Was Just Too Sexist To Elect My Mom

Chelsea Clinton, the entitled snowflake who once made $600,000 to produce “feel-good pieces” for NBC News and now lives in a $10 million “luxury fortress” in Manhattan, has some complaints to air.

The former first daughter, now sucking off the Clinton Foundation teat, says America was just too sexist to vote for her mom. There, she said it. Sorry, not sorry.

Clinton said she was “not surprised” to see just how sexist America is — which she said she learned by driving around to campaign stops in a limousine before boarding the private jet bound for the next horribble “fly over” spot on the trail.

“I’m deeply saddened,” Chelsea said recently, according to Heat Street. “I think it’s important for us to realize we can’t take progress for granted. Progress has to be continually defended as well as advanced. I think about this multiple times a day.”

Her comments came in an interview with Variety, which recently awarded her the “Lifetime Impact Award” (she’s 37, and has done nothing to earn such an award — think of the women out there who are more deserving!).

In the magazine (on which Heat Street said she “graces the cover in a white T-shirt, motorcycle jacket and a lot of Photoshop work”), Clinton said she has no plans to run for office. But then she starts moaning again about how Americans just don’t realize how much good in the world her parent’s shady charitable organization has done.

“The lies were absolutely frustrating because the facts didn’t seem sufficient to put them to rest. I think that was so odd about the whole experience — either the truth was insufficient or people just didn’t care,” Chelsea said.

She says she “wishes” more people would have looked at the “facts,” including the Foundation’s tax filings.

The problem is, Chelsea, they did, and found that donors to the Foundation were often transacting in a type of quid pro quo scheme that earned them face time with important Clinton aides at the State Department. Even the New York Times expressed concern that your mom was using the Foundation as part of a plan to charge countries for favorable Obama Administration foreign policy.

Fortunately for Chelsea, though, the Foundation is not all she’s devoting herself to these days. She’s a child welfare advocate, who is being honored by Variety for all the work she’s done saving children’s lives. Like the time she sat down with showrunners for “Orange Is the New Black” and “Days of Our Lives,” to encourage them to write characters who sing to young children.


Fortunately for us, Chelsea says she’s not closing down her Twitter account until Trump is out of office, so she’ll continue to thrill us with her bon mots and outstanding political analysis for years to come.