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Celebrity Gossip Reporter Perez Hilton Calls Kanye West A ‘Slave’ To ‘Free-Thinking’

The Left may be less publicly vocal in its criticism of Kanye West of late since the rap star has fallen out of the daily headlines, but that doesn’t mean the abuse has abated.

Late Tuesday, after West tweeted that “free-thinking is a super power,” he received a bizarre and decidedly politically incorrect response from celebrity gossip-monger Perez Hilton, who called Kanye a “slave” to free thought.

This might be one of the least logical responses from a dedicated member of the Left to Kanye’s newfound fascination with the “intellectual dark web.”

Not only is it racially tinged — insulting a black man by calling him a “slave” is a racial slur of the worst kind — but in this case, Hilton seems to suggest that Kanye is actually being restrained by his decision to leave the coddled community of leftists in Hollywood and explore other ideas.

Hilton received criticism from both the Left and the Right, with some Twitter users pointing out that perhaps Perez shouldn’t respond to every single Kanye West tweet that comes across his feed.

Others just pointed out that perhaps Hilton should think more deeply before trying to burn the rap star.

Hilton has not apologized for the tweet.