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Caravan Migrants Demand $50K Each To Go Home, Removal Of U.S. Military Bases: Report

By  Ryan Saavedra

Migrants in the caravan from Honduras are reportedly demanding entry to the U.S. or $50,000 each to return home and removal of U.S. military bases in Honduras.

“Approximately 200 members of the caravan departed El Barretal camp in southeast Tijuana to the offices of the National Institute of Migration (INM) and later the U.S. Consulate General to hand deliver a letter outlining demands,” Former law enforcement official and current Breitbart Border and Cartel reporter Robert Arce reported. “The demonstration aimed to accelerate the process for migrants to request asylum and work in the United States. Security for the effort was provided by federal, state and municipal police, according to local reporting.”

“It may seem like a lot of money to you,” Organizer Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa told The San Diego Union-Tribune. paper. “But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras.”

The letter reportedly demands that the migrants’ demands be met within the next 72 hours as they blamed U.S. economic and military interests in Honduras for the nation’s current poor conditions.

The migrants also carried signs printed on bed sheets, some of which appeared to admit that they were not asylum seekers but rather were economic migrants.

“You got it wrong Trump, we asked for jobs you responded with weapons. If asking for work is troublesome than I’m totally confused,” one sign read.

Another sign stated: “Don’t close your door employers. One day you will need me then I will remember the rejection. Entrepreneurs don’t turn your back on us. You know we both are the backbone of society.”

The Union-Tribune also noted that the migrants demanded that U.S. immigration officials speed up the number of asylum seekers allowed in the U.S. each day to 300.

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