Business Insider Columnist Resigns After They Censor Her For Saying Scarlett Johansson Can Play A Transgender Man Onscreen


Earlier this week, Business Insider pulled a column regarding Scarlett Johansson playing a transgender man in the upcoming film Rub and Tug. That column, by Daniella Greenbaum, made the following argument:

She has been cast in a movie in which she will play someone different than herself. For this great crime — which seems to essentially define the career path she has chosen — she is being castigated for being insufficiently sensitive to the transgender community. … “Stealing” narratives — or, more charitably, playing parts — is precisely what actors are hired to do. But that reality seems to have been forgotten. … Johansson’s identity off the screen is irrelevant to the identities she plays on the screen. That’s what she’s paid for. And if she does her job, she’ll make everyone forget about the controversy in the first place.

This was thoughtcrime, and the brave employees at Business Insider pushed editors to remove the column, which they did.

Greenbaum, in response, resigned from her position. She also released this letter:

Greenbaum is, of course, exactly right. But the levels of tolerance from supposedly open-minded outlets like Business Insider and The Atlantic have markedly declined in recent months as the Left radically reduces the Overton Window. Greenbaum will undoubtedly find other work soon. Business Insider won’t have its credibility back anytime in the near future, though.