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British Leftists Now Wearing Safety Pins For This Weird Reason

The British Left’s worst nightmare has come true. The United Kingdom has officially left Europe thanks to a democratic vote championed by the people. Instead of accepting a post-Brexit reality, however, the Left is doing what it does best and delving headfirst into identity politics.

As a result, British Leftists are now wearing safety pins on their collars in a show of “solidarity” with EU migrants and alleged victims of “post-referendum hate crimes.”

Unsurprisingly, the campaign was first popularized by social justice warriors on Twitter. Here’s how it began:

The Twitter user even resorted to bullying tactics to forcefully advance the SJW agenda.

Slowly but surely, the campaign gained some steam, galvanizing sheepish SJWs across the internet.

Unable to come to terms with a referendum unequivocally against liberal governing policies, the Left is attempting to hijack the narrative of populist democracy and turn into it one of racism, rage, and tribalism.

As Brits across the country celebrate their renewed sovereignty, the Left is launching a campaign to highlight the supposedly racist dog-whistle politics consuming the UK. In report after report, Leftist publications are overdramatizing incidents of alleged “Islamophobia” or “racism” as a means of regaining a lost sense of moral superiority. Leftists are blaming this supposed uptick in racial hostility to the Brexit vote.

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