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New Details Released On Health Of 5-Year-Old Thrown Off Balcony In Mall Of America

The 5-year-old Landen Hoffmann, the boy who was thrown off a third-story balcony at the Mall of America earlier this month, is “alert and conscious” following weeks of hospitalization after the vicious attack.

In a statement posted to the GoFundMe for Hoffmann, which raised over $1,000,000, Hoffmann’s family said:

All praise, glory and honor to God! He saved our son’s life and is healing him in the most miraculous ways. We are so elated to let you know that our son is now alert and conscious and is no longer in critical condition! We are now turning our focus to additional surgeries, healing, rehabilitation and eventually a return home, which we hope will happen by June.

We want to personally thank each and every one of you for your love, prayers and support. We are astounded and so blessed by the over 28,000 individuals and families, from literally around the world, that have donated to our gofundme page. Your love and generosity overwhelms and means so much to us! We have no idea where we would be without you – God and your prayers have sustained us.

As we have done before, we want to continue our plea and gratitude for your continued respect of our family’s privacy. The road to recovery remains long, but with God and you, we are assured to make it through. Please keep praying for our son and may our loving God bless you and everyone you love.

The update comes days after Mac Hammond, a pastor at the family’s church, gave an update on the boy’s condition, the Daily Wire previously reported.

“There was zero evidence of brain damage – there wasn’t even swelling,” Hammond said. “No spinal chord injury, no nerve damage, no internal injuries that were life-threatening.”

“The family’s attorney did not confirm nor deny Hammond’s remarks but did clarify that the comment comparing the boy’s injuries to a bike accident referred only to his facial injuries, not his health overall,” The Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Wire previously reported that, according to Bloomington police, “Emmanuel Aranda, 24, was arrested and charged with attempted premeditated first-degree murder after approaching Landen Hoffmann, 5, and his mother, who were standing outside the Rainforest Cafe on the third floor, when Aranda allegedly asked if he was in their way. When Landen’s mother said no, Aranda allegedly grabbed the little boy and threw him over the balcony, according to witnesses. While Landen’s mother screamed, a bystander tried to catch Aranda, who pushed him aside and ran from the scene before police caught him on the light-rail train near the mall. Video of the incident was captured on security cameras.”

The New York Daily News noted that Aranda has a history of getting into legal trouble as he “was arrested in Chicago, after hitting a restaurant patron with a plate before wielding a knife and repeatedly tried to stab the man before threatening other customers, according to Amanda Granlund, a server who recalled the encounter to the Chicago Tribune. Aranda’s other incidents included two, both in 2015, at the Mall of America, leading to him being banned.”