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AWFUL: Feminists Tell Ivanka Trump To ‘Suffer’ After First Daughter Reveals Struggle With Depression

Feminists piled on Ivanka Trump this week after the First Daughter revealed her struggle with post-partum depression, a mental illness that strikes thousands of new mothers each year.

In an interview with ABC News, Trump talked of overcoming feelings of guilt and self-hatred after the birth of all three of her children, and spoke out about the need for women to be upfront with their suffering and ask for help if they need it — and for family members to support those seeking assistance.

Many women, including a number of feminists, have been championing this same cause for years, calling post-partum depression a “silent menace” that sneaks up on moms, just as they should be enjoying time with their newborn children. Feminists have also been vocal about identifying mental illness in women, dispelling stigma that surrounds mental illness, and helping women to come forward and seek treatment.

Unless, of course, that woman is Ivanka Trump. Then, feminists take to Twitter to tell the first daughter how much she “deserved” her pain and suffering — and worse.

Self-proclaimed “feminist” Kimberley Foster told Trump to “suffer.”

Another “grad student” with progressive ideas:

Another Twitter user pointed out that Ivanka was rich, as if that changes the equation. Both Brooke Shields and Chrissy Teigen are rich, and both struggled with the same post-partum depression. Feminists didn’t seem to care about “wage equality” among suffering mothers then:

Some “feminists” were pointed:

Some were more subtle, attempting to claim that the new GOP health care bill doesn’t cover mental illness treatment, and use that as a weapon against Ivanka:

Others just accused her of lying:

Of course, none of these women — and they’re all women, and not the Patriarchal men they often accuse of failing to understand the needs and rights of women — would be so bold to say this to someone they agreed with. But since Ivanka Trump is related to the President, she’s fair game — even when it comes to supporting and encouraging treatment for mental illness.

In a word, it’s just … sick.