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Avenatti Gets Trolling Shout-Out At Pro-Kavanaugh Happy Hour At Trump Hotel

By  James Barrett

After the “porn star lawyer” helped make even more of a circus out of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process, “Avenatti 2020” likely has far more supporters on the Right than on the Left due to his now “toxic” status.

While CNN documents the “host” of Democratic lawmakers and aides who are blaming Michael Avenatti for helping to get Kavanaugh confirmed, some members of “Team Kavanaugh” are reportedly giving the celebrity lawyer of Stormy Daniels and Julie Swetnick trolling shout-outs.

Administration officials and some of the outside groups who supported Kavanaugh’s nomination gathered for a happy hour hosted at Trump Hotel on Saturday night following the confirmation of Kavanaugh after the Democrats’ brutal campaign against him, Axios reports.

During the event, according to Axios’ sources, a “senior person at one of the outside groups” joked with administration officials that Avenatti must’ve been on the GOP payroll.

“You guys put Avenatti up to it, right?” he said, a source told Axios.

The source added that it was impossible to “overstate how important Michael Avenatti’s role in this [confirmation] was” in helping to convince wavering senators that the Democrats were conducting a shameless smear campaign against the eminently qualified nominee, citing Maine Republican Susan Collins’ reference to Swetnick’s salacious “gang rape” claims as evidence.

True to form, Avenatti responded by telling Axios that it’s all “complete garbage” and more evidence that Republicans are supposedly afraid of him.

Meanwhile, after multiple Democratic senators promoted Swetnick’s claims as “credible,” Democrats are now blaming Avenatti for pushing the uncorroborated allegations.

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