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Australian PM Blasts Transgender ‘Nonsense,’ Will Not Change Gender On Passports

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he has had enough transgender “nonsense,” refusing to capitulate to the movement’s demands for the government to create “non-binary” government documents for transgender people.

According to LifeSiteNews, Australia’s Labour Party recently released a proposed draft for a “national platform that commits to supporting identification options ‘beyond binary male/female’ on government documents such as passports.” A finalized platform will be voted on in December when the party holds its triennial national party conference.

The proposal says that “gender-confused Australians” will not attain “equal enjoyment of human rights without discrimination” unless the government gives them “autonomy regarding sex/gender markers, and obtain identification options that match their sex characteristics and/or gender identities, as preferred.”

The current Prime Minister is telling the Labour Party to “get real” and that the government will “never” cave into this demand.

“A Liberal-National Government will never remove gender from birth certificates, licenses and passports – who are Labor kidding? Get real,” said Morison on Twitter. “This is the problem with Labor, obsessed with nonsense like removing gender from birth certificates rather than lower electricity prices, reducing tax for hard-working families and small businesses.”

The opposition has not taken PM Morrison’s declaration well, with Independent MP and pro-LGBT activist Alex Greenwich telling him to “focus on being Prime Minister for all Australians, stop spreading misinformation about the gender diverse community, and start uniting rather than dividing Australians.”

The region has been rocked with debates regarding government documents recognizing transgenders according to their desired pronouns. A similar move occurred in the neighboring island of Tasmania. “No other state or territory in Australia has taken the step proposed of removing gender from birth certificates,” Attorney General Elise Archer said of the proposal. “For Tasmania to do so, in the absence of any proper consideration of the reform, exposes the state to a range of potentially serious unintended consequences.”

Here in the United States, the Justice Department under President Trump adopted a new policy of recognizing gender as a “biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth,” a complete reversal of the Obama administration. The move prompted prominent transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner to divorce himself from Trump despite previously endorsing the president.

“Following Trump’s election as president, I saw fertile ground for change within the Republican Party on LGBTQ issues,” the former gold medal Olympian wrote in The Washington Post. “I believed I could work within the party and the Trump administration to shift the minds of those who most needed shifting.”

“Sadly, I was wrong,” wrote Jenner. “Believing that I could work with Trump and his administration to support our community was a mistake.”