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Antifa Thugs Berate War Veteran: ‘F*ck Off, Nazi Scum!’

By  Joseph Curl

They threw urine-filled bottles at police officers, so perhaps it’s no surprise that thugs from the so-called anti-fascist movement who gathered to protest a “free speech” rally in Boston this weekend also hate America’s military.

On Saturday, as a news crew was interviewing a brave American who said he had enlisted in the U.S. military and was deployed to Afghanistan, thugs shouted at him as he spoke:

The Boston Antifa was proud of itself, writing on Twitter: “Veterans don’t get a free pass. Today’s Nazi for defending freedom of speech yesterday. You’re most at fault #BostonFreeSpeech #BostonResist.”

In the video, one Antifa protester shouted just inches from the veteran’s face, although the veteran appeared unfazed by the Antifas.

Twitter users took aim at the punks, with one noting how calmly the vet reacted:

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