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Looks Like ANOTHER Pro-Trump Hate Crime Was Likely a Hoax

Following the presidential election of Republican Donald Trump, stunned leftists went into full meltdown mode. In fact, a number of left-wingers took to the streets to declare that President-elect Trump was not their president — a phrase we were all once told was “racist” — while committing arson, assaulting Trump supporters and destroying liberal cities. In other words, their “Love Trumps Hate” mantra ironically manifested into acts of vandalism, destruction and violence. Typical leftist stuff.

Predictably so, the mainstream media ignored such happenings, instead fixating on another story: the sweeping increase in supposed pro-Trump hate crimes. Only, story after story of such hate crimes have turned out to be complete hoaxes.

And it looks like Villanova University might have supplied us with the latest example: The university has ended its investigation into allegations levied by a black female student who initially claimed to have been targeted and assaulted by a group of white male Trump supporters. The male youths allegedly knocked her down while yelling “Trump,” on November 10.

Last month, Radnor Township police said they no longer wanted to pursue the matter, ending the investigation. According to, “Villanova spokesman Jonathan Gust said at the time that the university would continue its probe and hold accountable any individuals responsible for wrongdoing at the university level.”

But now the student who filed the report is curiously backing off too, simply claiming she no longer wishes to pursue the probe.

“It was hard to move forward, being that the student did not want to pursue the matter,” Gust stated Friday.

The University has worked to create a cloud of mystery over the investigation, which likely uncovered the hoax. Gust “declined to say why the student did not want to cooperate or whether the university knows the identities of the males allegedly involved in the incident,” notes

The university spokesman also refused to say what exactly the internal university investigation has uncovered.

The abrupt end to the investigation “does not diminish the concerns and discussions that have taken place on campus, as they have in many places throughout the country, and that have led to some important dialogue on campus,” said Gust.

As reported by The Daily Wire last month, a reported “hate crime” committed in the name of President-elect Trump against an openly bisexual Chicago college student was deemed a hoax by the university president himself.

There was also a report of a female Muslim college student at the University of Louisiana claiming she was assaulted and robbed by two white male Trump supporters, apparently sporting white “Trump” hats during the incident. This turned out to be a hoax as well, with the accuser herself later confessing that this incident was entirely fictional.

Further, as noted by The College Fix, Bowling Green State University found two racial incident reports following the election to have been fabricated.

And the list goes on.

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