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Alyssa Milano: Everyone Who Doesn’t Reject Kavanaugh Is Saying An ‘Alleged Abuser’s Career Is More Valuable Than A Survivor’s Humanity’

By  Frank Camp

On Sunday, Vox published an op-ed by Alyssa Milano in which the actress discusses her own alleged experience with sexual assault.

While Milano uses much of the piece to rightly criticize President Trump’s recent tweets about Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, in the final two paragraphs, she makes a troubling statement about the Kavanaugh/Ford situation:

So let me be as clear as possible: I believe Christine Blasey Ford and I demand that our Senators vote to reject Brett Kavanaugh as the next Justice on the Supreme Court. Every person who refuses to loudly and openly reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is telling every generation of Americans that an alleged abuser’s career is more valuable than a survivor’s humanity. And the highest court in our land is no place for an alleged sexual offender to sit.

To every survivor reading this, know that I am here with you. Know that I see you. I believe you. I am you. And know that we will do whatever we can to stop Brett Kavanaugh from serving on the Supreme Court of our United States.

Would you like to wait for more alleged witnesses to be interviewed, hear Blasey Ford’s testimony to the United States Senate, or listen to Kavanaugh’s rebuttal prior to making a judgement call that could utterly ruin an innocent man’s life and career? Too bad, because anyone who doesn’t categorically reject Kavanaugh’s nomination on the basis that he has been accused of sexual assault is “telling every generation of Americans that an alleged abuser’s career is more valuable than a survivor’s humanity.”

While it’s vital that allegations of sexual abuse always be taken seriously, we must not allow the presumption of innocence on the part of the accused to be minimized. We must do everything we can to be fair and impartial observers, examining the evidence and coming to a reasonable conclusion.

It appears that Milano has already reached a conclusion, using the word “alleged” only to protect herself legally. Such thinking is dangerously narrow.

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