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AIN’T AMERICA GRAND? Socialist Bernie Sanders Makes A Million Bucks … Via Capitalism

Talk about redistribution of wealth!

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Socialist from Vermontistan, spent 2016 preaching his favorite Socialist ideologies. His fans ate in up like candy. He packed arenas and fairgrounds across the country bashing the one percent, spouting off about the proletariat and vowing that, if elected president, he would take from the rich and give to the poor. A modern day Robin Hood in a baggy, ill-fitting suit.

Where else but America would that make you a millionaire?!

Sanders, in his newly released Senate financial disclosures, says he brought in about $1,042,000 last year. Much of that, $795,000, came in the form of a book advance for his newest offering, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. Believe in? How about, “ka-ching ching.” Sanders made nearly $860,000 in royalties for a pair of books, his disclosures say. His job in the Senate pays $174,000 a year.

The second book, which brought in $63,750 to the Socialist overlord, is titled The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution. It doesn’t even come out until August. And with it he’ll tap a desirable demographic: The book is targeted at teens to help them “learn more about progressive causes and how to mobilize around key issues they care about,” Teen Vogue says. Yeah, you can help the cause by buying this $27 book — in hardback, please. That’ll teach you about America!

Now, one might think that ol’ Bernie, good Socialist that he is, would share some of the cash with his “sisters and brothers” in the movement. But shocker: Selfish Bernie is keeping all of that moolah for himself.

Sanders, 75, who grew up poor in Brooklyn, seems to enjoy the good life. Like any good capitalist, he keeps consuming, buying a third home in 2016, a four-bedroom waterfront house on Lake Champlain in Vermont. Sanders and his wife own another home in nearby Burlington, as well a pricey townhouse in an upscale neighborhood on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Not bad for a poor little Socialist — some of those losers don’t even have one house.

But you won’t find that new home listed under Sanders’ own name. Instead, the ownership is hidden behind a family trust. “I am a co-trustee in a family trust created when we bought a summer home,” he said. But isn’t that what ALL great Socialists say? And they want fun with the name: Islands Family Trust.

The senator’s disclosures also show his wife’s retirement mutual funds, too, but in broad terms: Those are worth anywhere from $192,000 to $815,000. But, why bother with those? The state will provide, government is the one and only answer. Who needs money of your own?

Still, Bernie, if you’re listening, help a brother out, huh? I could really use a couple hundred thousand dollars so I can buy a beach house.

And you’ve got three houses, so, c’mon, it’s only fair. I’ll name the family trust after you.

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