After Massive Islamic Terror Attack in Brussels, Obama Comments…For Precisely 52 Seconds


On Tuesday, after at least 34 people were murdered in Brussels, Belgium and over 170 were wounded in a devastating Islamic terrorist attack, President Barack Obama manfully took to the podium in Havana, Cuba, where he has been busy surgically implanting his lips to the Castro regime’s colon, to comment. Here was his full comment:

We stand in solidarity with them .. and we will do whatever is necessary to our friend and ally in Belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. This is yet another reminder that the world must unite. We must be together, regardless of nationality, regardless of race or faith in fighting against the scourge off terrorism. We can and we will defeat those who threaten the security of people all around the world.

Then he moved on to his comments on Cuba, in which he fulsomely praised the warm welcome of the Castros, and declared the Cold War over.

Hallelujah, and let’s all go to the ballgame.

Why would we expect anything more from the president who spent yesterday posing in front of a mural of communist terrorist Che Guevara, a man who advocated that Cuba nuke the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and who planned a prospective November 1962 terrorist attack involving bombing Macy’s Gimbels, Bloomingdale’s and Grand Central Station the day after Thanksgiving?

Why would we expect anything more from the man who signed the Iran deal that forwarded a terror state’s nuclear ambitions? Why would we expect anything more from the man who has allowed ISIS to rise from “jayvee team” to scourge of the West?

Obama stands up solidly in favor of Obama – and today, Obama’s too busy enshrining his legacy of surrender in Cuba to worry too much about enshrining his legacy of surrender to radical Islam.

With leadership like this – a president who pledges allegiance to all of the multicultural, diverse ideas that make international terror not merely possible but probable – no wonder the West burns.