LATEST: 19 People Confirmed Dead In US Following Hurricane Matthew Destruction. 900 Killed In Haiti.

At least 19 people have been killed across four states as Hurricane Matthew brutalizes America’s south Atlantic coast.

On Sunday morning, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory announced that the death toll in his state alone had risen to seven. Another death was reported shortly following the announcement. The state of Georgia reported four fatalities, six were confirmed dead in Florida, and South Carolina reported one death.

As rescue workers begin to scour storm-ravaged neighborhoods in the coming days, the death toll is likely to increase greatly.

Before the storm system made landfall, meteorologists had labeled Hurricane Matthew as a Category 4 hurricane. Fortunately, the storm has now been downgraded from a hurricane to a post-tropical cyclone. The new label came at approximately 5 am EST Sunday. “The newly-minted post-tropical storm Matthew has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph,” reports ABC News.

The United States may have very well survived the bulk of the storm’s destructive power, but the Caribbean wasn’t as lucky.

According to Reuters, a staggering 900 people have died in Haiti, devastating a country that has seen one natural disaster after another decimate its poverty-stricken population.


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