Cosmo Accuses Fox Host Of Racial Insensitivity. So They Bash Him For His Whiteness.

Feminist Cosmopolitan Magazine never ceases to amaze the coherent thinker. But on Tuesday, they really stepped up their game, feigning moral outrage over Fox News host Jesse Watters’ allegedly racially insensitive man-on-street reporting in New York City’s Chinatown by ridiculing him for his whiteness.

Good on Cosmo! Everyone knows the best way to combat perceived racial insensitivity (although most viewed this as harmless political comedy) is to bash someone for their race. Or something.

The feminist magazine titled their white-bashing piece, “Sentient Sleeve of Saltines Shocked to Discover Asian People Living in New York City's Chinatown.”

Complaining that Watters’ Thursday night reporting for Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor was insensitive to Asian-Americans, Cosmo branded Watters as a “Wheat Thin crumb lodged in someone’s basement desktop computer keyboard.” (Yes, the “cracker” jokes were super repetitive.)

“The nearly five-minute-long clip features Watters, the human equivalent of a Wheat Thin crumb lodged in someone’s basement desktop computer keyboard, bullying non-native speakers under the guise of on-the-street reporting,” whined Cosmo. “It is spliced with clips from nuanced Asian films like Karate Kid while a jazzy oriental riff plays in the background.”

Cosmo was increasingly distraught that Watters jokingly asked someone if China could “take care of North Korea for us?” Another question that riled them up: “How do they dance in China,” to which two young girls giggled and began dancing.

The horror!

The magazine also took issue with Watters “looking smug AF” when he complimented the people he interviewed to host Bill O’Reilly:

"They’re such a polite people," he continued, looking smug AF, "they won’t walk away or tell me to get out of here. They just sit there and say nothing."

Not to be a total white man, but actually, Jesse, you’re wrong.

Cosmo then held back from ripping on Watters’ white skin momentarily in order to continue their outrage over his racial insensitivity: “There’s been a huge backlash to the clip so far, with the Asian American Journalists Association calling out the offensive segment, as have the Washington Post, CNN, Salon, and many more. Kinda wild that Asians didn’t just sit back and say nothing this time, huh? Square that circle.”


Here’s the takeaway from the incoherent feminists at Cosmo: If you find someone to be doing something you disagree with, do the same exact thing to them, all while clutching your pearls and claiming victimhood.

“There’s been a huge backlash to the clip so far, with the Asian American Journalists Association calling out the offensive segment ..."


Here’s stupid cracker white-boy Watters with his offensive segment:

Watters would later explain that the segment was all in good fun (duh), and apologized if he had inadvertently offended anyone.


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