'Weirds-ville': Where Movements Go to Commit Suicide

One of the more interesting articles I've read recently was a review of a book comparing Christianity and Islam. What made the article unique was the reviewer's argument that among the forces hampering attempts to seek an Islamic reformation is "capital-A Atheism, that is Atheism as a proselytizing belief system." In their undying attempt to tear down all religions, these atheist activists constructed a special form of relativism that says that "all religions are importantly identical" — and since there is no distinction, a Christian or Jew criticizing Islamic extremism is essentially criticizing themselves.

This, of course, is nonsense. The types of societies formed by these differing belief systems (state-sponsored atheism included) are as clear as day. But one need not concern themselves with this argument, because we are unlikely to encounter them anymore. Atheists are too busy attacking each other to harass people of faith. They are fighting not over anything having to do with atheism — but feminism! The Youtuber "Armoured Skeptic" (an atheist, but a cool one — not one of the nagging militant troll-y types) explains:

"This is exactly the issue that split the atheist community in two when Atheism+ reared its ugly head. The feminist communities started proposing regressive ideas, taking away people’s freedom of speech, punishing members for asking questions and proposing new ideas, and publicly shaming people, including women, for not toting the line. Essentially a group of bullies decided they wanted to police the community because they found it troubling."

Internet atheist activism has become so irrelevant that I wouldn't have even known about this inter-atheist conflict (which has been going on since 2011!) had I not looked up Christina Hoff Sommers' 1994 book "Who Stole Feminism?" and stumbled across a hilarious video of "Skeptic's" girlfriend "Shoe0nHead". "Shoe" bought a used copy on Amazon full of notes written by an angry feminist "lit student" who owned it before her. The whole video is "Shoe" making fun of the feminist who decided to engage in a debate with an inanimate object — and apparently lost!

For the sake of it, I recommend to these two Youtubers to check out pages 29-30 of Professor Sommers' book where she describes a National Women's Studies Association conference, and see if any of it sounds familiar:

"At past conferences, oppressed women had accused other women of oppressing them. Participants met in groups defined by their grievances and healing needs: Jewish women, Jewish lesbians, Asian-American women, African-American women, old women, disabled women, fat women, women whose sexuality is in transition. None of the groups proved stable. The fat group polarized into gay and straight factions, and the Jewish women discovered they were deeply divided: some accepted being Jewish; others were seeking to recover from it. This year, concern extended to 'marginalized' allergy groups."

This is a pattern that all Left-Wing movements seem to follow. Any of them which get an enthusiastic following only exist for a short time before committing suicide by madness.

Take their favorite example— the movement against America's anti-communist intervention in Vietnam.

The People's Coalition for Peace and Justice (PCPJ), by 1971 the largest coalition of anti-Vietnam war organizations, chose the week surrounding May Day of 1971 as the day of reckoning for the Nixon administration and the war. The plan was to shut down Washington by flooding it with protesters who would not allow government employees to get to work. There was only one problem: they announced their plans so loudly that John Mitchell, Nixon's iron-fisted Attorney General, was ready for them. With government employees forewarned to come in early, the radicals were met not by frightened commuters, but battle ready law enforcement and military who by 1971 were sick and tired of the anarchy, spitting, rock throwing and flag burning. When the radicals attacked, the Law swung into action — hard. The numbers of arrests ran into the thousands, and government employees were at their desks as usual. The May Day demonstrations were an absolute and dismal failure. In private, as recounted by his fellow activist Dotson Rader, a PCPJ leader "told me of the precarious financial shape the People's Coalition for Peace and Justice (PCPJ) was in as a result of the May Day demonstrations in Washington weeks before." That meant Rader had to go hat-in-hand to left wing celebrities to beg them to help organize a benefit to bail out the PCPJ.

Rader begged Norman Mailer, "Norman, we're heavily in debt! The entire movement's at the cleaners'!"

Mailer asked, "From what?"

"Legal costs stemming from the May Day demonstrations," Rader responded.

"What you're doing ain't worth sh-t. It isn't going to stop the war," Mailer said.

Mailer eventually agreed to help, but it was not enough. One after another, the fringe ideological tendencies within the organization turned on each other until the coalition could no longer work together. Rader wrote in his book Blood Dues:

"Let me briefly give you some examples of the profound ideological differences between the May Day crowd, especially its women's caucus, and the rest of us.

We decided to invite Don McLean to sing at the benefit. The women's caucus vetoed him on the grounds that his hit song, 'American Pie,' was sexist.

'Sexist! Are you out of your goddamned minds!' I was outraged. He was a star. He would sell seats. He was needed.

'It's sexist! It's about beauty queens. It objectifies women. It is objectively chauvinist and counterrevolutionary!' They had a way with words, these women.

'You know something, should I tell you something . . . you . . . I'm so completely at a loss with you people, at your pigheadedness, your sheer, bigoted, unrelenting stupidity.'"

What was left of the anti-war movement tore itself apart, leaving the PCPJ to go bankrupt. As Abbie Hoffman told Rader: "The Movement's over. It's weirds-ville. It's over."

(It was only after Watergate that the radical Left, through the McGovern wing of the Democratic Party, was able to seize congress and betray Indochina to the Communists. After the war, some leftists were decent enough to sign leading anti-war activist Joan Baez's "Open Letter to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam", which ran as a full page ad in the New York Times on May 30, 1979, condemning the Communists' human rights atrocities. Many of the New Left leaders refused to sign the ad, proclaiming that it was nothing but lies and that Baez was a CIA agent.)

More recently, we can thank progressive weirdness for dismantling Occupy Wall Street. One writer detailed approvingly at Feministing.com how Occupy operated:

"Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly operates under a revolutionary 'progressive stack.' A normal 'stack' means those who wish to speak get in line. A progressive stack encourages women and traditionally marginalized groups speak before men, especially white men. This is something that has been in place since the beginning, it is necessary, and it is important. 'Step up, step back' was a common phrase of the first week, encouraging white men to acknowledge the privilege they have lived in their entire lives and to step back from continually speaking."

Apparently, white liberals didn't like being discriminated against, and eventually went home. (The irony that - left to their own devises - the social justice progressives managed to willingly create a society that mirrors the Jim Crow South, seems to have been completely lost on these kids.) Occupy was overwhelmingly made up of spoiled, lily-white trust fund babies, and once the well dried up, the movement came to an end.

We Conservatives, thanks to men like Buckley, were for the most part able to keep out those groups that were too nutty to get along peacefully with other conservatives or were too far outside the norms of society. But thanks to the decidedly non-conservative Trump and the Alt-Right, that is changing.

In an interview, Vox Day - one of the alt-right's favorite writers (for example, one of his books is "Cuckservative: How 'Conservatives' Betrayed America") — stated that the alt-right are the descendant of the groups that traditional "Buckley conservatives" rejected and sent into exile. He sites specifically the Pat Buchanan "paleoconservatives" (with their isolationism and their concerns about "Jewish Control" and "Israel's fifth column") and the John Birch Society (the "anti-communist" organization that Mr. anti-communism himself, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, condemned for their "disgraceful activity," and that Hoover's right hand man William C. Sullivan compared to the Communist Party in that both organizations were "barely a goose step away from the formation of goon squads" — and the same Birchers who have espoused their concerns about the world-wide shadow government "Insiders" and the "communist plot" Civil Rights movement, and water fluoridation). The alt-right took those discredited ideas, sprinkled some white ethnocentrism and Russian fascism on top, and are trying to ram it down our throat.

The sooner we get rid of these alt-right bums, the better. Otherwise, we are going to join the twisted corpses of other movements in the graveyard of "Weirds-ville".


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