Left’s Favorite Jewish Commentator, Peter Beinart, Says Israel Deserves Terrorism

On Wednesday, the Left's favorite Jewish commentator, Peter Beinart, gave a speech at a progressive synagogue in Los Angeles in which he declared that Israel deserved the scourge of Palestinian terror it has seen in the last few weeks. The self-identified "pro-Israel" advocate told a Jewish congregation at Beth Chayim Chadishim (emphasis added):

While we condemn Palestinian violence, we must recognize this painful truth: that Israeli policy has encouraged it. Israel has encouraged it by penalizing Palestinian nonviolence, by responding to that nonviolence by deportations, teargas, imprisonment, and the confiscation of Palestinian lands. Hard as it is to say, the Israeli government is reaping what it has sowed.

Beinart has come full circle since his ignominious debate with The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro. In a battle of wits, Beinart arrived unarmed and consequently resorted to a bag of tricks carried by a medieval charlatan, including bullying, name-calling, slander, and unrestrained emotional outbursts, forfeiting his own dignity in the process. The "progressive" commentator's childlike temper tantrum hit a fever pitch when he egregiously accused Shapiro of being similar to the Palestinian Islamic death cult, Hamas. "The irony to me is that actually Ben and Hamas have an enormous amount in common," spewed Beinart with the taste of venom leaking through his lips.

Beinart's blood-libel poured salt on the indelible wounds of Shapiro's Jewish ancestral history, coming of age to learn that his grandmother's side of the family perished in the death camps of the Nazis during the Holocaust. By conflating Hamas' genocidal Islamist ideology with Shapiro's principled defense of the state of Israel, the nerve center of Jewish survival, Beinart plunged into moral depths so low that he never had a chance of crawling out unscathed.

"Peter Beinart exposes the moral decay of leftism," asserts Daniel Mael in The Times of Israel. "Beinart not only disdains Shapiro, but is further agitated by the fact that he takes Hamas’ genocidal threats seriously and therefore is weary of attempting to appease them. And in Beinart’s mind, the only reason that the conflict is perpetuated is because of 'hawks' on the right who force Hamas’ hand and enable them," Mael states, adding, "The left often flatly denies that they are drawing a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas when they cover the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Well, there goes Beinart’s cover. He admitted on CNN that he believes that Shapiro is morally partnered with Hamas. Enough said."

"And if there is anybody who is emboldening Hamas to kill more children, it is you, because it's your policies which have emboldened Hamas."

Ben Shapiro to Peter Beinart

Accordingly, Beinart's word-vomit this week is a symptom of this moral depravity. The attention-seeking incendiary rhetoric has glistened as a guiding light in the dark, grotesque crevices of anti-Semitic online vitriol. The Jew-bashing pro-Palestinian site Mondoweiss, a hub for the anti-Israel Left and jihadist sympathizers alike, unsurprisingly picked up Beinart's speech and celebrated its perverse audacity. The degenerate spawn of self-hating Jewish founder, Phillip Weiss, the website doesn't leave anything to the imagination when it comes to blatant anti-Semitism.

Capitalizing on a golden opportunity to perpetuate the reductive narrative of Israel as the root of all evil, the Judenraus board players at Mondoweiss cheered, " The liberal Zionist Peter Beinart last night attributed the violence in Israel and Palestine to Israel’s “moral darkness.” Although the term "Zionist" is perhaps a profound stretch of the imagination, the Jew-hating website has found its most mainstream ally to date, the dastardly Peter Beinart.

During the CNN debate, Ben Shapiro shrewdly deconstructed the moral bankruptcy underneath the veneer of Beinart's self-righteous pontifications. Shapiro's calm circumspection dwarfed Beinart's petulant tirade and unearthed the perversion of Beinart's ideology: "And if there is anybody who is emboldening Hamas to kill more children, it is you, because it's your policies which have emboldened Hamas. They know that people like you are going to get on American television and talk about how the Palestinians are meek victims and whenever they fire rockets, it can be justified by Israeli policy," Shapiro told Beinart, concluding "Hamas celebrates every moment you're on television, Peter."

A video of the full debate is attached below:


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