Read The Questions Asked Of Clinton During Press Gaggle

Hillary Clinton emerged on Tuesday morning for a five minute press gaggle on her campaign plane in what was described as a “victory lap” by left-wing CNN media reporter Brian Stelter.

Below are the questions asked by Clinton’s sycophantic press entourage:

“What did you think were the most critical moments last night?”

“What about the way he kept interrupting, and the way he answered the question about gender? Do you think women would react to that?”

"Are you concerned that Donald Trump will not show up for the next debate?"

"Donald Trump says he actually showed great restraint last night, and that he could have gone after you and your husband for personal matters..."

"What about [Donald Trump's] stamina?"

Clinton ended the brief exchange with a scripted quip, “Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night.” Various voices from the press expressed pleasure with the jab.

CNN’s Carol Costello relished the moment, “Oh my goodness, a little zinger there!”

Stelter, all smiles, described the five minute press gaggle as a turnaround for Clinton, in which the former Secretary of State was now much more accessible to a "variety of reporters". Trump was then cast as retreating in defeat to the friendly territory of Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends.

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