MTV Pre-Clinton/Trump Debate Event at Hofstra University Puts up 'Trigger Warning' Sign

Trigger Warning: The following content contains a trigger warning.

Tony Aiello, a reporter for CBS New York, tweeted a photo of a "trigger warning" sign from Hofstra University, where tonight's presidential debate will take place.

The sign reads:

"Trigger warning: The event conducted just beyond this sign may contain triggering and/or sensitive material. Sexual violence, sexual assault, and abuse are some topics mentioned within this event. If you feel triggered, please know there are resources to support you."

Aiello later clarified in two tweets that the sign wasn't put out for the debate proper, but "outside 'MTV Elect This' multi-media experience where students are participating in pre-debate events...[and] are counting down to debate time."

But as Twitter user Mike Honcho noted:



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