WalMart Refuses To Make Cake Honoring Police Officers

Walmart is apologizing for an incident in which its employees refused to make a police officer’s retirement cake, calling the prospective cake with an American flag and a thin blue line “racist.”

The police officer’s daughter told radio host Todd Starnes that she asked a Walmart in McDonough, Georgia to make the cake for her father, but one of the employees at the bakery, angry at the blue line symbol, informed the daughter “the design could be perceived as racist and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake.” The daughter then amended her request, eliding the flag and asking for a simple blue line on a chocolate frosting, the employee said she didn’t “feel comfortable” with that.

The daughter told Starnes, “I asked her, ‘Is there something wrong with cops?’” That question was to no avail.

On Friday, police officer Taylor Wilkes, a friend of the family, posted on Facebook:

#BOYCOTTWALMART: So my buddy's sister went to Walmart in McDonough, GA to have a cake made for their father's retirement party. He's retiring from being a police officer. She asked Walmart to make a "thin blue line" cake to commemorate his extensive and honorable service as a dedicated police officer. Walmart refused to honor her request due to it being "racist." Three separate people in management denied her request for this reason. To me, this is appalling. There is nothing racist about the symbolism behind the "thin blue line," yet people CHOOSE to make EVERYTHING about race. I'm so tired of it. It's literally exhausting for me to think about now. It's only ignorant people who continue to spread this negativity. People need to educate themselves. Bottom line. I'm just waiting for the day that our American flag is deemed "racist" by ignorant instigators who are just looking for attention and for something to be upset about. It's really getting ridiculous.

Wilkes updated the story on Saturday:

Update on the Walmart situation: The manager at Walmart met with my friend's sister and offered to make the cake (which had already been taken care of by Kroger) and apologized for the mistake. He stated that Walmart fully supports law enforcement and donated some extra stuff for the retirement party along with a gift card in lieu of the cake … Apparently something similar happened at the same store. I received this message from an anonymous person:

"There is nothing racist about the symbolism behind the 'thin blue line,' yet people CHOOSE to make EVERYTHING about race."

Police officer Taylor Wilkes

Starnes reported on Sunday that after the manager offered to make and decorate a new cake, the cake decorators wouldn’t make it. The police officer’s daughter said, “So the manager told me that he would decorate it — but it looked terrible. It doesn’t look professional.” She added, “I work in retail. If I didn’t want to deal with a customer — and said ‘No’ — I would get fired.”

She concluded, “It irritates me that in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Walmart was looted and the cops were protecting them. And you can’t make a cake for the people who are protecting you?”

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