WATCH: MSNBC Demonstrates Media's Anti-Trump Bias In Two Screenshots

It's no secret that MSNBC, as well as every other major network, favors Hillary Clinton, but the network took it to a new level today with their debate prep advice for each candidate.

Clinton: Sell her presidency (what she would do, and how she would do it), be the Clinton who shines in a smaller crowd, get those jokes off, adding levity.

Trump: Stop lying, show humility, fill in the gaps in his policy proposals.

The cards may just as well read "Hillary: We love you, girl!" and "Trump: Go home, douche."

Well, let's balance that out a bit, shall we? Here are some of the things Clinton needs to stop lying about as well:

The above is just a smattering of Clinton's more recent "untruths."

The debate tonight will surely be filled to the brim with misstatements--a fancy term for lies--but those misstatements aren't just relegated to GOP nominee Donald Trump.


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