A video is making the rounds purportedly showing Syrian rebels sitting on a couch in their living room when one of them accidentally sets off an IED.

In the video(below), eight men are seen sitting in front of a rebel flag as they sing into a microphone, with two rifles propped up in front of them and multiple pistols strewn about. The men, apparently members of the Free Syrian Army, have a video camera set up to record the proud gathering, when a man to the left of the screen decides he wants to take a selfie with his buddy next to him.

He lifts his cellphone up in proper selfie form, but when he presses click, instead of posting a nice Facebook pic, he blows their faces up by triggering a bomb with his cell signal.

The room is rocked by the blast with flames and smoke but some of the men can be heard yelling, "Allahu Akbar" ("God is great") as they recover from the chaos and try to figure out what happened.

"The fact that the camera was not destroyed and that the other men in the room appear uninjured suggest the bomb may have been smaller than others seen used by rebels and ISIS in Syria," notes the Daily Mail. "It is not known if anyone was injured or killed in the blast."

Exit clip from the training video the rebels were preparing to watch:

Or as Bill Engvall says, "Here's your sign."