Trump Threatened The Ricketts Family. Now They’re Giving Him $1 Million

Despite the fact that Donald Trump threatened their family during the GOP primary, the billionaire Ricketts family, which includes the governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts and the owner of the Chicago Cubs. Tom Ricketts, is giving Trump $1 million.

Pete and Tom’s father Joseph made his fortune with his Omaha, Nebraska-based TD Ameritrade brokerage. Joseph Ricketts donated millions of dollars to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in his primary campaign; during the first three months of 2016, the Ricketts family gave $5.5 million to fund an anti-Trump super PAC.

Trump targeted them on Twitter in February, blustering:

Meanwhile, CNN reported that billionaire would spend Sheldon Adelson will likely make a $45 million contribution to GOP races, with $5 million going to Trump. Adelson is obviously less enchanted with Trump than he was with Mitt Romney in 2012, when he gave Romney $20 million; he also gave Newt Gingrich $15 million in the GOP primary. Adelson had considered giving Trump $100 million earlier this year.

"This is all about helping Republicans win in the fall.”

Brian Baker

Brian Baker, a longtime political strategist for Mr. Ricketts, stated, “The Ricketts decided they could not sit back and watch Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States. Even though the Ricketts supported other candidates during the primary, they believe it is time to unite behind the nominees … This is all about helping Republicans win in the fall.”


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