The suspected New York City/New Jersey bomber, whose bomb in Chelsea resulted in the injury of 31 people, says he was instructed by "terrorist leaders" abroad to "attack non-believers where they live."

Ahmad Khan Rahami was charged by federal prosecutors Tuesday night with four counts: 1) the use of weapons of mass destruction, 2) bombing a place of public use, 3) destruction of property by means of fire or explosive, and 4) use of a destructive device during and in furtherance of a crime of violence.

The journal he had on his possession when arrested, excerpts of which have been included in the criminal complaint against him (below), contains some important revelations, including his apparent connection with "terrorist leaders" and his rationale for his jihadist campaign.

The complaint cites a few specific terrorists' names that Rahami praised: Sheikh Anwar, Anwar al-Awlaki, Nidal Hassan, and Osama bin Laden. It also reveals his devotion to Islamist jihad.

"I pray to the beautiful wise ALLAH," wrote Rahami in his journal, "[t]o not take JIHAD away from me."

"God willing, the sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets. Gun shots to your police. Death To Your OPPRESSION," he wrote, citing America's killing of jihadist soldiers in ​Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Palestinian territories.

"You [USA Government] continue your [unintelligible] slaught[er]" against the holy warriors, "be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Sham [Syria], Palestine ... "

The complaint also highlights Rahami's social media use, noting that he had engaged with "violent extremist content," including jihadist videos, including "Jihad is a Martyr's Anthem."

A video from his cell phone taken two days before the attacks showed him lighting a "black cylindrical object" on fire in a backyard followed by "billowing smoke and laughter."

Read the official criminal complaint against Rahami here.

As The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, Rahami's father warned the FBI of his son's extremism back in 2014, but the FBI failed to find enough evidence to act. "The FBI conducted internal database reviews, inter-agency checks, and multiple interviews, none of which revealed ties to terrorism," the FBI said.

Rahami's wife, Asia Bibi Rahami, and his mother disappeared. His wife left the U.S. just before his bombs went off Saturday, but has been detained in the United Arab Emirates. She has not been charged and reportedly is "cooperating" with authorities.