As Americans hold their children tight and watch in horror as federal investigators uncover a series of Islamic terrorist attacks and near-terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, one big city mayor is decrying what she deems to be the most pressing threat facing the country: Islamophobia.

In a Facebook post designed to convey solidarity with the area’s heavily Somali Muslim immigrant population, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges apologizes for Islam, trumping a line heard at every Hillary Clinton event from multi-million dollar celebrity fundraisers in New York City to subdued rallies in rural Iowa.

“Love is bigger than hate,” she begins her letter, addressing a local audience traumatized by a recent terror attack at a shopping mall in nearby St, Cloud that left several victims injured after a Muslim man armed with a knife stabbed unsuspecting shoppers while shouting “Allahu Akbar” and asking his targets if they were Muslim.

She continues:

At this difficult moment, I also urge every Minneapolitan and every Minnesotan to support and stand firmly with our Muslim, East African, and Somali friends and neighbors. A horrible, violent attack like this should never be exploited to attack a whole community and a whole religion. Yet we have seen Islamophobia rear its ugly head in terrible moments like this far too many times — *and* at a moment when one person in particular is playing to fear and hatred of immigrants on a national scale, I fully understand the worry of the Somali community here that it will happen again.

Forget the terrorists or the poisonous Islamic ideology infecting susceptible Somali men, prompting dozens to leave Minnesota and join terror groups like al-Shabab in their home country of Somalia. Forget the Islamic clerics preaching anti-Western rhetoric, including gender apartheid, Sharia-supremacism, and jihadism. Forget the fact that everyday Americans are being systematically targeted for adopting un-Islamic lifestyles. The real concern is Islamophobia, according to Mayor Hodges.

Unfortunately, this masochist mindset isn’t uncommon. Both the European and American Left are submitting to the suicidal tenets of multiculturalism, sacrificing tolerance of the intolerant for public safety and security.

Rather than addressing a serious terror threat, Mayor Hodges and her ilk huff-and-puff and distract the public with speculative, exaggerated, or altogether fictitious accounts of supposedly unhinged Westerners attacking little girls in hijabs. Since 9/11, these alarmists have been warning about a great, organized “backlash” against Muslims by folks that may place collective blame on the entire Muslim community for the ritualistic actions of Islamic terrorists. That hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ve seen sporadic and over-hyped individual incidents. Meanwhile, Islamic terrorists continue attacking Americans as their ideological motivations remain immune from criticism.

Read Mayor Hodges' full post below: