As the NYPD counter terrorism bureau and FBI work to uncover the motives behind the dual Manhattan bombings Saturday night that left dozens injured, the Islamic States’ supporters are enthusiastically celebrating the attacks on American soil. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated Sunday that the bombings Sunday amounted to “an act of terrorism,” but refused to go into further detail.

ISIS hasn’t taken responsibility for the attacks, but the terror group’s sympathizers appear more than ready to call the horrific incident a victory for the ummah.

“The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cause you pain inside your house, the carrier of the Cross,” posted one Twitter user who went by the super subtle moniker “I am ISIS, come and block.” The user’s account was later deleted by Twitter. But the message was nonetheless jarring. Framing the struggle between Islam and the West as an inescapable clash of civilizations, the user appeared to reference the Middle Age Islamic battle against the Crusaders, or the Cross.

Here’s what another Twitter user affiliated with al-Qaeda in Syria posted shortly after the bombings, according to Vocativ:

Oh God go against America, the head of infidels. Oh God, count them and kill them one by one, and do not spare anyone of them.

Other posts suggested that what occurred in New York was a good omen from Allah.

The disturbing tweets and messages underscore the support ISIS enjoys in the digital world, especially among young and susceptible Muslim men. Not surprisingly, many of the tweets declaring that the United States got what it deserved originated from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim-majority countries. ISIS ultimately uses this support in the Arab world to attract more recruits to their radical Islamic cause.