Video of Trump Supporter Trolling Elizabeth Warren Will Make Your Day

At a rally in Ohio over the weekend, a Trump supporter epically trolled the radical left-wing senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

The unnamed Trump supporter deceptively asked Warren to take a selfie with him after the rally, but rolled his video setting instead. While Warren was smiling hard, he asked her about a Trump White House and called her out for lying about being Native American.

As an unsuspecting Warren was cheesing unbelievably hard at the camera, the Trump supporter asked the senator: "How do you feel about losing to Trump this year?”

"Were not gonna lose to Trump this year!" Warren charged, giving a priceless face to the camera. "We’re gonna beat that guy!"

Warren's pathetically weak response here is extra comical because of how much the feminist loathes the Republican nominee. The senator has gone on many incoherent Twitter rants against Trump, which ironically mirror Trump-style Twitter rants.

“Oh really?" said the Trump supporter, now laughing.

"But you lied about your ethnicity!” he yelled. "You lied about your ethnicity to get a scholarship!"

Ha! Fauxcahontas' lies are coming back to bite her.

Here’s what the Trump supporter from Ohio is referring to when he says the senator lied about her ethnicity: Warren checked the “Native American” box on her applications to University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University, seemingly to receive a leg up. (She received both jobs, by the way.) There has been no proof to substantiate Warren’s claim that she is “part Delaware” and “part Cherokee.” Oops!

But it gets better: The woman, clearly reveling in delusion, contributed to a cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow” and signed it “Elizabeth Warren—Cherokee." You can’t make this stuff up.

Warren is now rightfully mocked for one of the most bizarre and dragged out lies by an politician, and fittingly nicknamed “Fauxcahontas," though Trump prefers "Pocahontas."

Well done, Trump troll. Well done.

H/T Twitchy

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