Video footage of a Syrian rebel blowing up himself and his fellow freedom fighters by selfie is going viral.

A total of eight Syrian rebels from the Free Syrian Army--which is aligned with Western nations, like the United States-- were seen gathered together in front of two visible rifles, singing in Arabic to the camera with the rebel flag behind them.

The short 30-second footage then shows one of the rebels lifting his cell phone to snap a quick pre-fight selfie, but because the phone was apparently the detonator to their explosives, he accidently blows himself up, along with his fellow fighters.

Seconds after the explosion, “Allah Akbar" is heard being yelled by some of the fighters, which means "God is great" in Arabic.

It is unclear if any involved were killed or injured.

"The rebel group is also fighting against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following the uprising in the nation in 2011, which has led to vast bloodshed and a refugee crisis," notes The Daily Mail.