Media Defend Hillary, Call Trump Supporters 'Deplorables.' If That's True, So Are Lots of Democrats.

In a pathetic attempt to defend Hillary’s indefensible labeling of half of Donald Trump supporters as “deplorables,” media leftists have discovered that – shocker! – Republicans are indeed racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigots. Leading the brigade was the execrable Charles Blow of The New York Times, who explained, “Donald Trump is a deplorable candidate – to put it charitably – and anyone who helps him advance his racial, religious and ethnic bigotry is part of that bigotry. Period.” Left without analysis was why Hillary supporters get to escape from her corruption, paranoia, and yes, bigotry; why Hillary supporters can disassociate from her embrace of Black Lives Matter and the radicalism of Planned Parenthood.

But that’s not Blow’s point. His point is that they themselves are evil. As proof, he points to poll results showing “a majority or near majority of voters who supported a temporary ban on Muslims entering this country”; another poll showing “nearly half of Trump’s supporters” describing blacks as “more ‘violent’ than whites” and “more ‘criminal’ than whites”; a poll showing that 38 percent of Trump supporters in South Carolina “wished the South had won the Civil War,” 33 percent of them wanted Islam banned entirely, and 31 percent supporting a ban on gays entering the country. “If the basket fits…” wrote Blow, condescendingly.

Blow’s not the only leftist making this point. Chris Hayes made it on MSNBC. Dana Milbank said the same thing in the pages of The Washington Post. And says that this is too reductionist – tons of Americans are racist, even if they don’t believe any of the things polled.

There are some problems with this argument. First off, the South Carolina poll didn’t ask Democrats the same questions it asked Republicans, so we have no comparable numbers on what Democrats think. Second, there are some questions that could be misinterpreted – for example, of course blacks aren’t “more violent” than whites, but blacks do commit more violent crimes than whites per capita, and there may be some people confused by the wording. That doesn't change the fact that there are lots of Trump supporters who think nasty things.

But here’s the problem for Blow, Hayes, and Milbank: if we’re going to simply label people deplorable and irredeemable based on polling data, we ought to include Democrats. Almost one-third of Hillary supporters said that blacks were more violent and criminal than whites. A quarter of such voters said they were lazier than whites. And then there’s the question of racism against whites. Fully 64 percent of Democrats say they support the Black Lives Matter movement, and just 8 percent oppose it. Fully 60 percent of Democrats said that Officer Darren Wilson should have been charged with murder in the Michael Brown case, based on zero evidence. When Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the American national anthem, claiming that America is racist, 54 percent of Democrats approve; just 34 percent disapprove. Democrats overwhelmingly support radical abortionists and baby part merchants at Planned Parenthood.

Now, these polling issues aren’t as “gotcha” as the Public Policy Polling, which is presumably why PPP, a Democratic organization, polled only Republicans about such divisive issues. But BLM is an anti-cop, racist movement, even if the media refuse to portray it that way. There’s just as strong a case that Democrats who support BLM and want to prosecute Darren Wilson are “deplorables” as that Republicans who support Trump are “deplorables.”

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