Does Hillary Clinton Use An Earpiece To Cheat?

The internet was ablaze Thursday with rumors that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sported an earpiece in Wednesday's presidential forum to cheat.

It began with a tweet from actor James Woods:

As The Hill reports, the earpiece rumor got picked up by InfoWars, which was eventually linked to in the Drudge Report's banner headline "HILLARY AND THE EAR PEARL." Adding fuel to the fire was this revelation by WikiLeaks:

The website True Pundit also found the following tweets as supposedly further proof of the earpiece:

True Pundit also claimed that "sources" from the New York Police Department confirmed that Clinton was using an "inductive earpiece," which the site defines as "the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors." The website did not specify who these sources were.

However, both The Daily Beast and published photos that provided a better angle of Clinton's ear, showing that her ear was actually empty. Snopes concluded that the "earpiece" was likely "a small light inside Clinton's ear."

There were also rumors in 2012 that President Barack Obama used an earpiece in one of the 2012 presidential debates, which was also debunked by

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