WATCH: 'F*ck America,' Yells Family of Muslim Immigrant on $2 Million Bail for Food Stamp Fraud

Buffalo deli owner and Muslim immigrant Ahmed Alshami, 37, is being held on $2 million bail for alleged food stamp fraud, WKBW reported late last month. Alshami is charged with "criminal possession of public benefit cards, misuse of food stamps and criminal use of a public benefit card for defrauding the welfare system."

Upon leaving Alshami's arraignment, the deli owner's wife and daughter were caught on camera flipping the middle finger and screaming "F*ck America."

"Are you happy now?" asked the wife. "F*ck all of you guys. F*ck America, f*ck it!"

Per court documents, between October, 2014 and March of this year, Alshami bought EBT cards from food stamp recipients, for typically half their worth, and traded them in for cash while operating the IGA Express Mart in the City of Buffalo. Alshami would then turn around and buy store products with the food stamps, or tell those whom he had bought the food stamps off of to buy the goods at local stores with their EBT cards for him.

In total, the deli owner's purchases neared $4,000.

Buffalo council member Richard Fontana, who lives near the IGA Express Mart, says a lot of illegal activity has gone on around the store.

"He was essentially the worst store owner I've seen in my 20 years of city hall," said Fontana.

On top of welfare fraud, Alshami also allegedly robbed a rental property in the city on March 16 of this year. After "knowingly and unlawfully" entering the unoccupied property, he apparently stole kitchen cabinets, a hot water tank and baseboard heating units.

Alshami pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The alleged criminal faces the prospect of being deported, as he is not a U.S. citizen.


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