Hillary Coordinated With Democrats To Set Up Benghazi Hearing

Amidst all the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s private email server, one question seems to be ignored more than any other: why? Why would the Secretary of State set up a private server, in advance, if she knew she wasn’t going to do anything wrong? Why would she run all of her email through it, rather than running her corruption-related emails through a private server, keeping it walled off from her normal work?

The answer: Hillary’s paranoid.

That obvious answer was reinforced on Tuesday by news that Hillary’s attack dog media relations guru Philippe Reines told Chelsea Clinton that the Benghazi hearings of January 23, 2013 had been pre-arranged with help from Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ). Reines explained:

We wired it that Menendez would provide an opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk (her actions/whereabouts on 9/11, and these email from Chris Stevens about moving locations)…

Menendez began the hearing by asking for Hillary’s “insights on the decision-making process regarding the location of the Mission,” and asked, “can you also in your response, you touched upon it in your opening statement, but what actions were you and your staff taking the night of September 11 and into September 12?” Predictably enough, Hillary had tailor-made answers to the questions.

Now, none of this should be particularly shocking – Democrats use Congressional hearings to cover for other Democrats routinely. It’s so bad that when Republicans hold a hearing about a Democratic scandal, it saves significant time to simply mute the television when Democrats “ask questions” – they give statements in support of their Democratic friends instead of asking serious questions.

Still, it demonstrates that Hillary intended to leave nothing to chance: she was going to pre-set the questions and pre-set the answers.

Now, let’s examine the amount of media attention this story has received as compared with the amount of media attention Donald Trump’s campaign received for pre-scripting his responses to a Q&A at a black church over the weekend. As of 1:30 PM PT, there were a grand total of six stories on the Hillary ties, all from right-wing outlets. There were dozens of stories, however, about Trump’s pre-scripted appearance from outlets like CNN, The Hill, US News and World Report, Time, CBS News, and The New York Times.

Yes, Virginia, there’s media bias.

But the real story here is Hillary’s paranoia. Did she really believe she couldn’t handle questions from friendly senators on Benghazi? If so, what was she so worried would go wrong?

Hillary is a Nixonian figure. And the latest revelations about the Benghazi hearing just prove it.


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