Stelter: Does Media's Objectivity Benefit Trump?

Left-wing CNN’s Brian Stelter hosted a segment inquiring about Donald Trump as a beneficiary of excessive journalistic objectivity across the media landscape. With a panel of journalists, Stelter explored if “false equivalence” deployed by media outlets in political coverage unjustifiably elevated the Republican presidential nominee status among Americans.

Jacob Weisberg of left-wing Slate accepted the premise, saying the stand "apples and oranges" approach between Democrats and Republicans did not apply between Clinton and Trump:

“In this case, we have something more like an apple and some rancid meat. In all sorts of ways, I mean, it’s conspiracy-thinking and racism, they’re all sorts of things that are outside the norm of what we’ve accepted in American politics. And what I think the press is struggling with is how do do you not normalize him, but at the same time be fair and do your job as a journalist.”

Soledad O’Brien also lamented what she described as an excessive journalistic commitment to bipartisan fairness:

“I think it’s more the contortions to try and make things seem equal all the time. So, if you look at Hillary Clinton’s speech where she basically pointed out, that what Donald Trump has done, and actually quite well, is normalize white supremacy, along with a long list of things many Americans would find distasteful.”

O’Brien then described Trump as pushing “hateful” conversations, chastising the media for “normalizing” what she alleged were his politics. “I’m very slow to call anyone a racist,” claimed O’Brien.

After O’Brien’s role as anchor of a CNN morning show ended following its cancellation, she worked for years producing content for Al-Jazeera America (AJA). AJA - which shut down in April following business failures - was a component of the English-language propaganda arm of the Islamist government of Qatar.

Stelter presents himself as an objective media reporter. CNN presents itself as an objective news outlet.

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