Trump Responds to Kaepernick's Protest of America

Donald Trump has weighed in classic Trump fashion on the Colin Kaepernick controversy with a concise, brutal, and rather hilarious comment.

When asked in an interview with KIRO's Dori Monson Monday for his thoughts on the benched 49ers QB's declaration that he would no longer stand for the national anthem because America "oppresses" minorities and allows police to "murder" people of color, Trump said maybe it was time for a change of scene for Kaepernick.

"I have followed it and I think it’s personally not a good thing, I think it’s a terrible thing," Trump said. "And maybe he should find a country that works better for him, let him try. It won’t happen."

Former NFL star Jerry Rice has also voiced his opinion on Kaepernick's protest, tweeting: "All lives matter. So much going on in this world today.Can we all just get along! Colin,I respect your stance but don't disrespect the Flag."

The QB has also come under fire from the San Francisco police union, which responded to his disparagement of police by condemning his "incredible lack of knowledge regarding our profession and officer-involved shootings" and his "naivety and total lack of sensitivity towards police officers." The union ended its open letter by challenging Kaepernick to come see firsthand what police undergo in training.

While the Left, especially Black Lives Matter activists, are cheering Kaepernick as a racial grievance hero, so far his particular form of protest is not catching on. Kaepernick briefly had another member in his protest of the entire country, fellow NFLer Myke Tavarres, but the Eagles rookie linebacker has since apparently experienced a change of heart.


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