Kerry: ‘The Media Would Do Us All A Service’ If It Ignored Terrorism. ‘People Wouldn't Know What's Going On.’

US Secretary of State John Kerry just uttered something stupid again. This time it was in Bangladesh where he met with the country’s top officials in the capital of Dhaka and explicitly stated that the media should cover terrorism less so that "people wouldn't know what's going on." Here’s the full quote (emphasis added):

Remember this: No country is immune from terrorism. It's easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But if you decide one day you're going to be a terrorist and you're willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn't cover it quite as much. People wouldn't know what's going on.

The Secretary of State’s Orwellian rhetoric drew loud applause from the majority Muslim audience attending the press conference at the Edward M. Kennedy Center in Dhaka.

Kerry’s own department refused to comment on the Secretary’s shocking statements when pressed by reporters on Monday. "I'm not able to speak for Secretary Kerry,” stated a State Department spokesman.

As The Weekly Standard observes, this isn’t the first time Kerry has warned the media about covering terrorism. Here’s what he said at the UN last September:

First, in confronting terrorism, we have to take a comprehensive approach. That was quite eloquently talked about by our heads of state at the Countering Violent Extremism Summit that President Obama hosted...We're living in a very different world, and terrorists have learned how to exploit that media in all kinds of ways.

Putting aside the fact that the term “violent extremism” is the most pathetic euphemism for radical Islamic terrorism ever devised, Kerry’s efforts to control the media narrative and the free flow of information about the Obama administration’s abject and clear national security failures are incredibly disturbing. By asserting that terrorists "exploit" the media, Kerry is implying that "perhaps" journalists and reporters should cover something else other than terrorist exploits. According to Kerry, the simple act of reporting can "play into their hands;" or put a different way, truth-telling journalism is "what ISIS wants," as the administration likes to say.

In fact, the Obama administration, as a whole, is notorious for its abusive manipulation of the media. The most disturbing example comes courtesy of Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes. In a recent New York Times interview, Rhodes boasted about the fact that he established a media “echo chamber,” recruiting popular journalists like The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg and Al-Monitor’s Laura Rozen to peddle the White House’s half-baked truths and full-blown lies about the Iran nuclear deal. Cleverly, Rhodes pulled the strings, trading access for favorable coverage. The losers of these backdoor exchanges were, of course, the American people.

"Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn't cover it quite as much. People wouldn't know what's going on."

The craven American Secretary of State

Following Rhodes’ lead, Kerry is attempting to do the same thing, but instead of striking unsavory deals with journalists, he’s openly shaming media outlets that dare tell the truth about the realities of terrorism.

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