The Kaepernick-Beyonce-Hillary Axis of Racial Lies

Over the weekend, San Francisco 49ers mediocre quarterback Colin Kaepernick drew national ire when he refused to stand for the national anthem, claiming that he couldn’t stand for a flag that waves over “institutional racism.” This was odd, to say the least, coming from a wildly overpaid athlete once fined for using the n-word, a black man adopted and raised by a white family. But he’s been handed nothing but plaudits from the leftist media for his courageous stand – which, at this point, looks at least half like a publicity stunt to precede his release by the football team.

Meanwhile, at the Video Music Awards, The Greatest Person Who Has Ever Lived Including Moses And Jesus™ warbled off key while shaking her stripper-clad derriere to rave reviews. But first, Beyonce stood alongside the “Mothers of the Movement” – including the mother of attempted cop killer Michael Brown to show off just how issue-conscious she is. Then she posed her dancers as “angels” shot by the cops. Finally, her dancers formed the female symbol to show female empowerment (plus aforementioned derriere!).

Beyonce and Kaepernick are clear on the same page.

This weekend also marked the 53rd anniversary of the March on Washington, which led Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to release a statement explaining, “Something is profoundly wrong when decades after Dr. King addressed the nation, so many Americans still feel that their country values them less, simply because of the color of their skin.”

So she’s on the same page, too.

The lie that America is deeply racist and holding back black people – promulgated by a man making $19 million for sucking at his job and one of the richest women on earth and the planet’s most media-beloved cultural figures – rankles. But it finds a home with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, who continue to maintain that America is an awful place for black people thanks to racism.

In the absence of evidence, they cite feelings.

Notice Hillary’s language here: America has a problem when people “feel” that their country is racist. Not when the country is racist – when people feel that the country is racist. This sets up an unmeetable standard, and a constant barrier to progress: after all, you gain credibility and value in our society if you claim that you’re a victim, and when evidenceless claims of racial victimhood by society’s most elite earn the pandering of major political figures.

Hillary’s on the side of all of this. She won’t be condemning Colin Kaepernick’s flag sit-down anytime soon, and neither will Beyonce. That’s because they essentially agree with Kaepernick, even if they have enough brains to understand that they’d cripple their careers if they actually sat down alongside him.

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