Peak Feminism: Woman Smears Own Menstrual Blood On Body For Nude Photoshoot to Stop Period-Shaming

We might have reached peak feminism. A woman by the name of Iris Josephina Verstappen decided it was imperative she smear her own menstrual blood under her eyes and on her hands while letting the blood flow freely down her legs for a nude photoshoot to stop so-called "period-shaming."

Thank God feminists are out tackling the most crucial of issues and not wasting their time on silly things, like fighting against honor killings or acid attacks on "immodest" women. That would be Islamophobic.

The feminist explains that this photoshoot is a step in her "journey" to "period-positivity," since society has apparently made her ashamed to bleed freely in public, not the most fundamental standard of basic hygiene which both men and women adhere to.

"When we say someone has blood on their hands, it is usually perceived as dirty, something to be afraid of ashamed of. I had blood on my hands and I owned it," opens the dramatic post.

Verstappen claims that she initially loved menstruating; she was "absolutely fascinated by it."

"When my menarche arrived, I observed my blood and was absolutely fascinated by it," proclaimed the feminist. "But then the kids in my class said it was gross. I didn’t understand why, but I did not want to be an outsider. So I shifted my ideas, so they would fit what was 'normal.'"

This, of course, is untrue; I’m not saying girls are ashamed, nor should be of menstruating, but there is no 12-year-old girl on the face of the planet who's pumped or awe-inspired about bleeding out of her lady part for the first time.

Verstappen bathes herself in female victimhood, cause by our own biology:

"As women who bleeds [sic], we have been suppressed," she says. "We have been shamed, humiliated, hurt, wronged. We have had to explain ourselves when we are emotional, and are even ridiculed because of it. We have been viewed as less capable to function in the world. If you did not feel or experience this personally, I invite you to ask around. Listen to the stories. Are they filled with empowerment? Or rather, shame?"

Apparently, getting naked and dousing herself in her own period blood was the only way to fight back against this grave injustice.

"This was the only conclusion I could come up with," she heroically offers.

The feminist then presents an interesting suggestion: "Go sit down with your blood during one of the first days of bleeding. Meditate on it. Smell it. Feel it. Why is it gross or scary? Look at me. Look me in the eyes and tell me why," she demands.

But then Verstappen touches on some typically suppressed truth by feminists: Women are different from men, and our uniqueness is important, as we can help carry life into this world. She also calls a fetus a baby—another feminist taboo.

"It's powerful. Can you comprehend how powerful this blood is? This blood can create life. This blood can nourish a fetus to grow. A fetus, yes. That’s a baby," she states. "That’s a brand new human being. That is how powerful it is."

Another thing, isn't this deeply transphobic by the feminist community's own standards, which has fully embraced transgenderinsm? Transgender "women" can't menstruate, so this appreciation, or a mere mention of menstruation marginalizes an already-marginalized group, right?

Feminism is awfully confusing, and seriously gross sometimes. ​


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