Speaking with CNN in a Sunday interview for State of the Union, Indiana’s governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence absolved Jake Tapper of complicity in the broader media’s modus operandi of left-wing advocacy masquerading as objective news and analysis.

While broadly critiquing the media of seeking to "drive wedges" between Republicans, Pence acquitted Tapper of involvement:

“I know how the media loves to come in, and loves to, you know, divide the issues, and frankly, I think, not you personally Jake, but a lot like to see if they can drive wedges between people who like Donald Trump.”

The greatest asset of left-wing media outlets such as CNN is a false pretense of objectivity, which Tapper is fully invested in.

Pence made several other gentle criticisms of left-wing media bias during the interview, without ever isolating Tapper for his role in furthering left-wing agitation under the auspices of honest journalism.

Earlier this month, Rudy Giuliani similarly made broad comments about left-wing media bias while exonerating CNN’s Chris Cuomo of collaboration (emphasis added):

CUOMO: [Donald Trump] says the media is doing this to me. The media is rigged. Do you think my coverage is rigged?

GIULIANI: No, I don't think yours is, but I think a lot of coverage is rigged.


CUOMO: All the times that he doesn't, what does that mean to you? Why doesn't [Donald Trump] do it? All the situations would go away. He won't come on. He won't come on the show, Rudy.

GIULIANI: Because honestly, this is -- I know, oh, you keep saying this over and over again, the press gets so up set and very defensive. Your coverage, I don't mean you, but the press's coverage of him is so unfair, the pay for play, secretary of state, who revealed e-mails that put the national security of this country in jeopardy. That is a massive scandal of huge proportions.


GIULIANI: I’m on your show, because you’re a fair man.

Republicans often make comments about left-wing media bias benefiting Democrats while ignoring the very left-wing journalist operatives sitting right in front of them in order to preserve congeniality.

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