Hillary Breaks Out The Ugliest Outfit In Human History

Dear. God.

Hillary Clinton has worn some rough outfits—and I mean roughbut this weekend’s showing at a fundraiser in Massachusetts takes the cake. Hell, the entire bakery. Even if you’re not into fashion, as I am not, this outfit is objectively bad; it's ill-fitting, frumpy and reminiscent of a couch covering; even a single glimpse of this monstrosity will leave you begging for Big Bird-yellow Pantsuit Hillary back.

The former secretary of state chose to rock a Mao-inspired knee-length jacket from what looks like Bergdorf Goodman's Chinese Dictator fashion line. Hillary has worn these long, flared-at-the-bottom type jackets quite a bit post her conquering of the classical pantsuit in every color known to man, but she typically wears such jackets in a solid color.

The feisty abuela wasn’t having that this weekend: Grandma wanted some purse-hot-sauce type of spice, or in this case, a pattern for the Mao jacket. Naturally, Hillary and her team of stylists chose the ugliest pattern known to man: Post-Earthquake Slate™.

But it gets worse. Team Hillary decided on a pair of black and white plaid pants which come just above the ankle, commonly called “floods.” Some may find this ironic, but Hillary obviously wore the “floods” to the extravagant fundraiser in solidarity with the drowning people of Louisiana, whom she has yet to visit.

WARNING: View photo below at your own risk. And, yes, that is Cher in the foreground. I’m extra sorry.

Bringing us together for a fleeting moment during this divisive political season, Twitter users were in agreement over the felony of an outfit Hillary wore.

As The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway put it, "[N]o one can defend this look. No one."

H/T The Federalist

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