Hilarious: Petition Launched To Send Sally Kohn To Shariah Law Country To Learn About Islamic Law

Left-wing pundit and CNN contributor Sally Kohn can’t help but make a mockery of herself. Last week, living up to her reputation within conservative circles, the intellectual openly defended Sharia Law.

“Hey [Donald Trump], many *progressive Muslims*-- the ones we should support in ideological fight against extremism -- believe in Sharia!!” she exclaimed Tuesday, on Twitter.

Reminder: Kohn is an openly gay woman—a lifestyle that is truly incompatible with the Sharia legal code.

Kohn took an online tongue-lashing from clearly Islamophobic, intolerant, right-wing bigots after the tweet.

Now some folks have offered Kohn a great pro-Sharia suggestion: The brave Sharia-apologist herself should stand up to those Nazis and spend a joyous visit to a Sharia-practicing country—with “progressive” Muslims and without bodyguards.

They've even created an online petition via Change.org to encourage her to make the trip.

“A lot of right-wing nazi bigots are saying Sally Kohn is an idiot for showing support for Sharia Law, especially considering that she is a gay woman,” reads the petition. “As progressives, we know both Sharia Law and Muslims are tolerant and very LGBTQ friendly.”

The petition asks Kohn to take a week-long holiday to prove how “safe” and accepting Sharia Law actually is.

“In order to show how LGBTQ friendly the Sharia, and it’s practitioners, are, Sally Kohn should spend a week’s holiday proudly displaying her homosexuality in Raqqa/Riyadh or any other place where Sharia is the law of the land, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro LGBTQ these practitioners of Sharia Law are,” reads the petition.

Of course, under Sharia Law, homosexuality, adultery, petty crimes and heresy may be punishable by death; honor killings are commonplace, and women are treated lower than second-class citizens.

So far, the petition, which was launched on Friday, has 7,285 signatures with a new goal of 7,500, the original goal of 1,000 signatures being surpassed almost instantaneously.

To help Kohn stand up to right-wing bigots, click here.

To watch her get destroyed by Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, click here


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