Shapiro at 'The Hill': Here's Why Trump Picked Bannon

Former Breitbart Chairman Steven Bannon's elevation to the "CEO" of the Trump campaign marks a "shark jump" moment for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

More specifically, it marks the moment when Trump strapped on a rocket pack, lined up his water skis, and leapt 1,000 Katy Perry left sharks, landing in a pit of scorpions that he set on fire using his dragon breath, escaping with his life but not his dignity.

Hiring Bannon to manage Trump's campaign is essentially Trump hiring a mirror.

Bannon is a volatile figure, as I can attest from having known him for years — I was editor-at-large at Breitbart from 2012 to March 2016, and worked as a member of the top editorial team until late 2013. There are few people who have dealt with him who haven't been on the receiving end of a fully blue tirade over some nearly meaningless issue. He fancies himself a media Svengali, but has utilized celebrity politicians and pundits to push forward his own career, rather than vice versa.

He's ambitious, he's mean as hell and he's willing to run roughshod over anyone to achieve his agenda.

Some of that might be a positive in a campaign honcho. Politics is bloodsport, and Bannon knows that — he was always fond of calling his political allies "honey badgers," as in the YouTube video that proclaims "honey badgers don't give a s---."

But when it comes to advising politicians, Bannon isn't likely to steer Trump toward victory.

That's because Bannon has made his bones riding the latest political horse until the horse collapses beneath him, then leaping to the next one.

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