WATCH: Eric Bolling Explains That Polls Mean Nothing Because…Something

Republican nominee Donald Trump is getting clocked in the polls: national polls, swing state polls, striper polls, you name it: Trump is losing.

Thankfully, the polls mean nothing, because ... ardent Trump enthusiast Eric Bolling says so?

On Wednesday's episode of Fox News' The Five, Bolling explained that Trump is not losing, the polls should never be trusted, and that rally size is the only thing that matters. (Denial is the first stage of grief, Mr. Bolling.)

“These polls, Dana, we gotta stop with these polls!" Bolling pouted to his co-host, former George W. Bush press secretary Dana Perino. "They’re insane with the polls!” he urged.

Perino was not impressed, seen giving a sigh on camera with an "Are-you-freaking-kidding-me?" look plastered across her face.

“Look at a Trump rally! There’s 12, 15, — 10 thousand people!” Bolling attempted to persuade his co-hosts, now all pushing back on his absurd claim.

“That’s a real disservice to his supporters to lie to them that those polls don’t matter," replied Perino, unable to let Bolling continue to spew lies to good conservative folks any longer. "You cannot take 12,000 people at a rally that are your definite supporters, that are going to show up and campaign, and then say the polls are wrong.”

“Somebody sitting at home cancels out somebody sitting at a rally,” interjected co-host Greg Gutfeld, assisting Team Sanity.

Bolling explained "why polls don't matter or shouldn't ever matter:" Crowd size is "more indicative" of actual voters, as they are motivated enough to go to the rally and thereby motived to vote--who knows if those on the other end of a telephone poll will actually go out and pull the lever for Hillary, he argued.

Here's the thing: If you make the argument that the polls are skewed, then you can't boast about the polls when they show your candidate leading. Bolling has done this. Further, if the polls are skewed because of the mainstream media--which is not an absurd notion--then why did a Breitbart News poll just show Trump down to Hillary by five points? Would anyone in their right mind ever believe Pro-Trump Pravda Breitbart News would skew a poll to favor Hillary? Of course not.

Does crowd size matter? To an certain extent, yes. But the truth is this: Trump is losing in almost every poll. This doesn't have to be dwelt on by Team Trump, but it must be acknowledged if they ever want to make valuable changes and actually have a shot at the White House. The Bolling method of covering your eyes and ears and screaming when you hear bad news isn't going to make the bad polls disappear.

Watch Bolling's remarks below:

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