Watch Debbie Wassermann Schultz Accidently Out Her Own Corruption On TV

Disgraced former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, spent the entire primary season telling news outlets that she was completely neutral and impartial as to which Dem should become the Party's nominee.

But, thanks to WikiLeaks exposing the DNC's emails, all of the Sander's supporters who weren't so high that they could see what was actually going on, had their suspicions proved right that Wasserman and other leaders in the Party were actively torpedoing Bernie's campaign so that "Crooked Hillary" could reign supreme.

In the clip below, Debbie can't help herself in touting all her good little minion works for Queen Hillary, including a slip-of-the-tongue moment where she actually boasts about making her the nominee. (Warning: strong language at the end in fitting a song.)

While speaking on the south Florida talk show, Wasserman Schultz tells the host, "I was a key part of helping President Obama get reelected in 2012 and the work we did to prepare for Hillary Clinton to be our nominee and then make sure that we could get her elected president is absolutely critical to advancing the issues that we think are important."

The video then cuts to ol' Debbie making the rounds earlier in the primary season assuring the media that she and the DNC Committee were completely "neutral."

"The Democratic National Committee remains neutral in this primary based on our rules."

"Because I'm the DNC chair and I'm neutral."

"We have a process set up that is immanently fair."

In his article, "5 Revelations From The Leaked DNC Emails," The Daily Wire's Aaron Bandler notes that the evidence shows that the DNC "constantly schemed" against Sanders. The emails show that Debbie's committee "frequently carried water for Hillary" and "frequently colluded with the media."

Exit thought from the proud politician herself:


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