Sally Kohn Defends Sharia Law In The DUMBEST Tweet Known To Man. Internet Destroys Her.

Just when you thought Sally Kohn’s irrational leftist rants couldn’t get any dumber, she gets out there and surprises everyone. Less than two months after getting systematically schooled by The Daily Wire’s own Ben Shapiro in a debate that was clearly unevenly matched, the CNN liberal commentator repeated her recycled and underdeveloped talking points about “progressive” Islam, defending Sharia Law, yes Sharia Law, in a tweet even the most fervent leftist ideologue can acknowledge is self-evidently stupid.

Kohn posted the tweet early Tuesday. Here it is:

In a matter of minutes, the liberal firebrand was bombarded with unrelenting criticism by detractors from across the ideological spectrum. Many assumed that tweet came from a parody account designed to mock the rhetorical excesses of social justice warriors. These online users were left in a state of disbelief when they saw that blue checkmark next to Kohn’s name.

Yes, she actually exalted “progressive Muslims” for believing in “Sharia,” one of the most misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Western anti-liberty, and regressive legal codes known to man.

Fortunately, the internet crushed her. It was beautiful. Armed with a keyboard and Wifi access, Twitter users from all walks of life formed an implicit democratic alliance against Kohn. In a series of checks and balances against unimaginable human stupidity, the internet let Kohn have it.

And our personal favorite:

One online user even posted a quote directly attributed to an infamous Islamic preacher, a man that knows far more about Islamic legal codes than a Sally Kohn.

Noticing the onslaught of criticism, Kohn retweeted a post by Mediaite’s Alex Griswold, defending the original tweet.

Unfortunately, Griswold’s tweet is nonsense. By definition Sharia Law is a public legal code. As the Left loves to say, the political is personal and personal is political. So, too, Sharia’s inherent public nature cannot be distinguished from some abstract personal belief in “religious law.”

Sharia includes enforcement mechanisms and punishments that must be performed publicly. For one to actually believe in Sharia, they must believe that its constituent legal codes need to be administered in a general society. Sharia is not a private matter. That makes no sense.

Sharia isn’t a belief, but a way of life, a legal code designed to regulate social interactions. The apologetics and excuses here are intellectually dishonest and disconnected from a long history and documented history of Islamic jurisprudence. Both Kohn and Griswold are ignorant about the myriad of Sharia councils, imams, and Islamic law experts designated to implement Sharia Law. It’s not a faint idea that can be contorted to fit some progressive Western liberal box.


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