Tarantino To Apologize After Calling Cops ‘Murderers.’ Jamie Foxx Is Mad.

Harvey Weinstein has a problem. His last few films have been flops and just when his very expensive and highly-anticipated western, The Hateful Eight, is about to hit theaters in December, its writer-director, Quentin Tarantino, decided to hop into the vitriolic waters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and join in their chorus of calling cops murderers. That's the kind of thing that makes police officers, who risk their lives dealing with criminals all day long, so mad they get their giant police unions across the country to band together in boycotting a Weinstein flagship movie.

Jamie Foxx, star of Tarantino's last major hit, "Django Unchained," addressed the crowd and the director (who wasn't present) at the Hollywood Film Awards, saying:

"Quentin Tarantino, you're a boss. You are absolutely amazing. Keep speaking the truth and keep telling the truth. And don't worry about none of the haters."

But it looks like Quentin has possibly seen the error of his ways, or the error of stopping the ways Harvey can make a buck on his investment, and is planning his apology for labeling the many law-abiding cops out there with actions of a minority number of abusers. #BlackLivesMatter-Right-Up-Until-Harvey-Loses-Money

According to TheWrap.com:

"...an individual with knowledge of the situation said the director is planning to explain his comments in an opinion piece and apologize to those who were offended. The exact time and media outlet will be decided by the director, the individual said."

For future reference, if you're looking to make a person understand where they've taken a misstep in bandwagoning a political issue that's being used to create a false narrative of evil cop violence, just get 241,000 sworn law enforcement officers represented by the National Association of Police Organizations to boycott them and refuse off-duty security service for their projects all while having The Weinstein Company insist on remaking the Bear Jew interrogation scene from Inglorious Basterds with no special effects - and this time, instead of being behind the camera, they have to play the part of the Nazi officer.

Works every time.

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